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How a Recruitment Agency Can Save You Money & Advantages of a Temporary Workforce

By Lakshmi

Sometimes organisations may require extra employees for a few days a week or for a one-off role. Ordinarily, it can be a challenge to locate the right person who is willing to take on such a short-term project, especially at short notice. There are often plenty of competent individuals who would be glad of the work on specific days. This is the thinking behind Platinum Travel Recruitment; we do not only assist with permanent hire, but we also offer temporary candidates and flexible working, putting companies and job hunters together for mutual benefit.

Only the Best

A recruitment agency’s greatest asset is its reputation, and this depends on always sending the best professionals out to organisations. Consequently, Platinum Travel Recruitment will only shortlist the very best travel candidates for every role. Generally, too, the people who apply to recruitment agencies are highly motivated individuals who genuinely want to work hard and make the best use of their skills. Platinum Travel Recruitment also has a nationwide reach and is not necessarily limited to the local area when sourcing candidates.

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Ability to Identify Talent

Once an employer has created a vacancy and established role criteria, Platinum Travel Recruitment can set about locating the right candidate for the position. The ‘ideal candidate’ is often the one who is not actively looking for a new opportunity but would be open to one if the right role presented itself. We are fortunate to have strong networks and a clear idea of where to locate these individuals.

We establish direct contact with talented individuals we know, having assisted candidates in the past, and invite them to apply for the role.

Job Market Knowledge

Our team has extensive knowledge about individual segments of the job market and the talent that is available in various locations. We also learn about employers’ requirements and goals. This means we can source talented individuals who can do the job.

Interviewing Candidates

When interviewing candidates, the benefit of using Platinum Travel is that we conduct interviews on an employer’s behalf, which can save time and money. Our team provides a candidate screening to begin the process of narrowing down the applicants. We learn a little more about the applicants and shortlist the right individuals.

Industry Insight

Employers do not need to go it alone when it comes to hiring. Platinum Travel Recruitment can help businesses and organisations access the skills and experience they need, in good time, without breaking the bank. This allows employers to free up time and monetary resources to help drive the business forward.

Reduced Costs

While firms might have to provide benefits such as overtime pay to temporary workers, they can save on potential benefits such as holiday and sick pay and other income benefits reserved for full-time and part-time workers.

Morale Boost

Temporary employees can help the overall workplace mood. When employees work double shifts, nights and weekends, and take on extra responsibilities and roles because you’re shorthanded, morale can decrease rapidly. Employees can get stressed, become exhausted, and burn out. Offering extra help during your company’s busiest periods ensures your core team stays happy and productive.

It Can Lead to Meaningful Hires

Finding employees that are the right fit for your workplace is always a challenge. Temporary employees can provide employers with the chance to evaluate workers over a longer period of time without committing to a permanent offer.

It can also alleviate some of the urgency associated with filling an opening in permanent staff. Having a short-term employee in place during your recruitment process ensures companies can then take their time locating the perfect hire.

There are a number of quality temporary candidates available who are looking for an opportunity to prove their worth to an organisation and be converted over to a permanent status. These individuals are eager to show off their knowledge and skills and typically are productive at a high level.

Try Before You Buy

Companies can spend weeks, if not months, on the hiring process to find a new employee only to realise that after training, it is not the right fit, resulting in high employee turnover. This means restarting the hiring process all over again.

Temporary hire offers employers the opportunity to evaluate new workers in action, without the financial commitment of a permanent job offer. It also offers the workers the chance to evaluate if the company and the job are right for them. This can lead to more successful, long-term hires.

Overall, temporary workers can bring new ideas, improve processes, and contribute to a diverse, dynamic, and successful business culture. They can bring competitive advantage and save you money.

Try Before You Buy

Feel free to contact our recruitment experts on 020 8393 9925 or email [email protected] for your next hire and let us do all the hard work.